Our Projects

We have applied for the .rest gTLD to provide a new online space specifically for restaurants.

At least 60% of adults worldwide look for restaurants on the Internet and the creation of the .rest namespace will offer a simple, intuitive and memorable domain name for restaurants, allowing for better more specific marketing campaigns for restaurant owners and more easily locatable and identifiable information for consumers hungry for restaurant related information.

We are creating the .bar gTLD to introduce a new space on the Internet for bars of all kinds.

As the strongest growing area in the limited service sector, bars are the perfect niche for their very own online identity. Bars include everything from juice bars, pubs, cigar bars, piano bars, sports bars to beauty or nail bars, even candy and energy bars and more. The existence of .bar will invite these businesses to better develop online branding and assist users in easily recognizing bar related information from the domain name itself.