About Us

Punto 2012 is a Mexican company founded specifically to introduce two new gTLDs - .rest, .bar - appropriately serving the restaurant, bar industry, its suppliers, and patrons.

When we heard that ICANN would be paving the way for the launch of new gTLDs, we immediately began working on developing a niche portfolio of gTLDs that we believe will revolutionize this segment of the hospitality industry. We have worked nonstop on putting together the people and resources required to ensure the success of .rest, .bar . We are committed to managing this registry in the most secure and responsible manner and intend to continue evolving so as to provide up-to-the-minute technology and information for registrants and the wider public alike.


Our Team

Punto 2012 is the result of fusing the imagination and know-how of individuals with vast experience in diverse industries. The team behind Punto 2012 represents expertise in domain portfolio consultancy, restaurant ownership, production of restaurant guides, e-commerce, finance, business management, and consulting.

Our deep understanding of the restaurant and bar industry, the needs of business owners, and digital portals and marketing ensures we have all the skills necessary to successfully introduce two new niche gTLDs into the domain name system.

We have formed a strategic partnership with Registry Service Provider CentralNIC. CentralNIC’s track record of experience and success, ICANN-compliant technical infrastructure, and integrated distribution channel will underpin the success of Punto Punto 2012’s niche portfolio of domains.